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No matter how clear we make the server rules sometimes people do not care and have their own view on UKpopulousgaming is and that's fine!

We are a serious Roleplay community so we have very strict rules on our servers which need to be followed to ensure the quality of Roleplay and members here remains at a high level, and this is partly why people into Roleplay choose us as their home.

We do have an active staff team however with the server being online 24 hours / 365 days and sometimes reaching a peak we cannot be watching everyone so we turn to the community for your kind help in reporting players who do not follow the rules.

we are committed to keeping players who do not follow our rules off our servers and with your help we can achieve this.

If the player is on Discord and you can reach them there first then please make every effort to do so before starting your report to resolve the issue like adults. (This is not mandatory but is encouraged)

Please note - Do not break character or roleplay in game as this would be breaking rule:

(2.9) Threats to report / disputes / Breaking RP in Voice There are so many people on the server with all different points of view and disputes and disagreements are all part of the game, however please do not discuss them in-game also do not break RP in voice. For example if someone has RDM’ed you discussing this on the server or saying “I am going to report you” is not allowed.

So if you are at a stage where its a clear cut rule break or you haven't been able to resolve the situation with the person then you may proceed by filling our report a player form.

Please give as much detail as possible along with video/screenshot evidence so we can make the correct judgement.
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