In-game Name REQUIRED

The UKpopulousgaming name you was using when you were banned.

Example: 76561198006341646 (Steam64 ID) Can be acquired on https://steamid.io/

The date of your ban.


If you cannot remember leave this blank
Member of the team that banned you. REQUIRED

This will be on your ban message, our team is listed here
Reason given for your ban. REQUIRED

You can find this out by attempting to join the servers.
The Server you initially were banned on.

Server 1

Server 2

Server 3


Please select an option from above.

In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. REQUIRED

Why should we unban you ? REQUIRED

Please confirm this unban request is for you.

I have read and understand the unban appeal process

Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe for your appeal.
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