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Nomination Format

Post by dallaspopulous » Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:54 am

Do you wish to nominate someone to go up for voting in the next Member of the Month poll? Member of the Month, or MotM, is a dedication award that is handed out each month to distinguish those who have spent their time and dedication to UKPG. Here, you can post the format below to nominate someone you think will be a good Member of the Month Candidate. The member with the most votes after approximately a week becomes the MotM. Nominations are always open, however there are a few regulations:

Do not nominate your friend just because they are your friend. If that person is your friend, you may nominate them, but keep in mind that they must set a good example for UKPG.
Do not post more than one nomination each month as every nomination after the first will be closed.
Keep in mind that the member you nominate must be active.
Stick to the MotM nomination format. You may copy the below format and paste it in a new thread.
You cannot nominate yourself.
You cannot be on the voting ballot 2 months in a row.
There may be only six members on the ballot each month. Each nomination afterwards will not go up for voting.

Topic Title should be as followed: MONTH MotM Nomination (Replace "MONTH" with month of nomination)

Member you wish to nominate:

Why do you think this member should be a MotM?:

January: Members vote
February: Members vote
March: Members vote with UKPG Leadership
April: Members vote
May: Members vote
June: Members vote with UKPG Leadership
July: Senior Members (1 year+) ONLY (UKPG Anniversary month)
August: Members vote
September: UKPG Leadership only
October: Members vote
November: Random pick (member is chosen)
December: Member of the Year (All MoTM winners from the year are up for voting)


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