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Post by Andi Raven » Thu Aug 24, 2017 12:53 pm

Server Name: Rusty Uk Populous Gaming.

Uk Populous are proud to bring you our latest PvPvE server on Rust,
Have you got what it takes to survive this unforgiving world?

Everyone is welcome yes that does include people new to the game, our dedicated team of admins and mods will help you learn and make the game enjoyable for you..

we have modded the server with a 2x gather rate and added in the following mods,
Death Notes
Lusty Maps
Auto Perge (removes inactive bases after 7 days)
Stacks (now at 20k)
Oil Crate (brings back the Pump Jack)
Proximity Alerts (tells you when a player is near by)
Kits these are /kit welcome and /kit build (small kits to get you started)
Clans (if you dont want to be in any of the avalible one's let me know and i will create new ones)
Insta Craft
and Quick smelt,

Populous community has a dedicated team speak and discord for players to use and enjoy.
a webiste and fourms to keep you uptodate with all the updates and new servers we are bringing out.

I hope to see you in game soon



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